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Wills and Power of Attorney

Everyone should have at least basic estate planning in place which lets your loved ones know your decisions regarding finances, property, healthcare decisions, and disposition of your assets.

A financial power of attorney allows your named agent to sign legal documents, pay bills, and take other actions on your behalf.   A healthcare power of attorney will give your agent the authority to make healthcare decisions for you when you are unable to make them yourself.

All Powers of Attorney end at your death. A Will allows you to designate who will receive your property after you die; who will raise your children if you die while they are still minors; and who will serve as your representative to carry out your wishes after death.

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Probate is the process completed when a decedent leaves assets to distribute, such as bank accounts, real estate, and financial investments.

Probate is the general administration of a deceased person’s will or the estate of a deceased person without a will.

Business Law

Business law refers to the laws that govern the dealings between people and commercial matters.

There are two distinct areas of business law; regulation of commercial entities through laws of partnership, company, bankruptcy, and agency and the second is regulation of the commercial transactions through the laws of contract.

A lot of business law involves trying to prevent problems that can hurt the business or cause legal disputes.

General Contract Negotiations

A lot of business has to do with preparing and negotiating contracts.

We can assist with anything from a lease agreement to a purchasing agreement to an agreement with a third-party vendor to sell a product.

Business Entity Formation

There are different types of business entities and we help decision makers weigh the pros and cons of each entity when they’re starting a business.

We can educate the business founders in the law in order to help them choose the entity that’s in their best interests. Then, we file the paperwork to formally start the business.

Zoning Disputes

We have drafted zoning laws and ordinances as well as defended and challenged them on behalf of our clients.

This allows us to have a balanced view and the ability to see and weigh both sides of an issue.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have experience and expertise representing both buyers and sellers in these kinds of matters.

Our M & A transactions include mergers, divestitures, stock sales, asset sales and joint ventures.  

We devote a significant amount of time in assisting our clients with this important step in their business life.  

We assist our clients from the letter of intent through closing.

Succession Planning

This is a process that ensures your company is prepared for the future for when leaders and key personnel leave, retire or die.

Whether it’s a large corporation or a family farm, succession planning increases the availability of experienced and capable employees that are prepared to assume these roles and keep the business going and growing.

Real Estate Transactions

We interpret and render advice on laws and regulations that pertain to real property and negotiate and draft contracts relating to commercial and residential property, development projects, real estate financing and leasing, land sales, title issues and searches, escrow arrangements, property management, rights of way, and lease disputes.

Employment Agreements

An employment agreement is a legal contract that establishes a formal employment relationship between an employer and an employee and lays out the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee.

We can assist with such agreements.

Non-competition Agreements

Some employers require new employees to enter into non-competition agreements before beginning work and some require them after employment.  

These legal contracts prevent an employee from entering into or starting a similar profession or trade which directly competes with the employer.

We have drafted, interpreted and assisted in enforcing non-competition agreement on behalf of an employer as well as the employee.


“Adam Jarchow and I have worked together professionally for over a decade. He is always prompt and thorough. He considers both legal and business issues and structures his recommendations accordingly.  I continue to use his services and consider him an advisor as well as an attorney.”

Walter Maurer

Former Chief Operating Officer, Lind Shoe Company

“I have worked with Adam Jarchow of Jarchow Law for several years now.   Adam has helped me with routine contracts, acquisition of key competitors, and avoiding litigation.  I find Adam and his paralegal Janet provide excellent insight, and demonstrates a sense of urgency.  These qualities all add up to a legal team with a lot of enthusiasm, providing quality advice and a great value!  I highly recommend Adam Jarchow and Janet King become part of your businesses inner circle!”

Philip Mattison

President and Founder, Core Products International Inc.

“When I look for an attorney, I want someone that is not only legal smart, but common sense smart.  Adam Jarchow is both.  He has provided me almost ten years of sound legal advice as well as volunteered his talent for a number of not-for-profit causes that I am involved in.  When he needs additional skills, his network of other attorneys is more than adequate.  I would highly recommend Adam.”
Paul Mayer

PCM Global Solutions, LLC

“We started working with Jarchow Law in 2018. Adam represented our group and helped simplify the business purchase. After closing, we continue to work with Adam on a frequent basis. His legal and business advice are helpful, consistent and a competitive advantage for us. I appreciate his quick response time and thoughtful preparation regarding the range of issues our company presents to him. I strongly recommend connecting and working with Adam and Janet for your business success.”

Bill Sevold

CEO, NeuroScience

“I very much enjoy working with Janet and Adam. They are quick to respond when I have questions. I especially appreciate their willingness to ensure all parties in our transactions are well informed and well prepared. I find our relationship to be both enjoyable and productive.”

Shane Bauer

Chief Executive Officer, First Bank of Baldwin

“My company and I have worked with Adam Jarchow for several years now. He and Janet are always timely in responding and provide excellent legal service. You can count on them. I highly recommend Jarchow Law! ”

Ivan Bowen

Dresser Trap Rock, Inc.

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